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Kavi: no one will do such an injustice to a woman that too with all her relatives supporting that.Rahul: you are not the first lady my dear all my rel...tives and the people in the town will do it… nothing wrong in this. We follow the rule which great king Darma’s lineage did. It is there in our nation for very long time. We will get a kid in our lineage my dear..Me: what nonsense, why don’t we get a child adopted?Rahul: do you want to put spotlight on me saying that I m impotent?And also even. Gracie and I had chatted from time to time whenever we encountered each other in the lobby or elevator.On my first full day back home, I ran into her in the lobby and we rode up on the elevator together. She asked about my road trip and I told her the usual stories of living in a hotel room and eating out every night. She invited me to come to her apartment for dinner tomorrow night. I accepted and we went our separate ways.Later that evening as I was leaving my apartment, I noticed a young. John and Nancy just have – something that we were lucky enough to find first,” I said.“Anybody hungry, sex always makes me hungry,” said John.Nan slapped him on the stomach as we all walked in to the kitchen. I picked up my clothes and put on my boxers and t-shirt. Carol put her panties and bra back on.I responded, “I’ll fix something light to eat, everybody go ahead and get dressed. I’ll have some food in ten minutes, OK?”Carol absentmindedly said, “Thank you 10.”We all laughed at that, Carol. I leaned down to Cal. ‘Marcus has him, I’m drawing him over and he’ll tag the car.’ ‘Got it.’ ‘You really gonna take Suki’s money?’ I asked with a smile. He looked at her. ‘Maybe I’ll let her win.’ I snorted and heard my name. Li’l J was calling me and I walked in front of the cars and ignored a few catcalls from people who didn’t know me. I was no follower, I was the top here. ‘My queen!’ J kissed my cheek and slapped my shoulder. ‘Would you be starter?’ ‘All good?’ ‘Every buy-in. Favors on.

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