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Ann has long blond hair, blue eyes, perfect skin, and a completely hairless body. She has returned home with many men and women over the years. I got ...o watch her have sex with all her lovers. Sometimes she even let me join in, but never with the women.She has three men and two women as regular lovers. Tonight she said she wanted a new lover.I am 55, six foot tall, 185 pounds, and in good shape with graying hair, green eyes and hairless body. My cock is only 6 1/2 inches and is of average in. And muze madam madam kehne band karo Yogita kahoHe: kya mai thodi daru pi sakta hu? Jyada josh aayega.Me: ha par mere ghar me kuch nahi hai.He: uski fikar mat karo, maine layi hai. and he smiled at me.He took out bottle of country liquor bottle and started drinking. When he was about to finished I snatched the bottle, he looks puzzled. I poured it on my lips and boobs and said ab piyo jyada maja aayega. Looking that he just went mad. He licked liquor from my cleavage to lips. Wows the feeling. “You don’t gotta know. But he hasn’t changed since he was a kid, bruh. When we’d be playin’ games over at his place and he was destroyin’ us, and we kept askin’ him to go easy on us—remember how he’d just laugh? I thought he grew outta that, but he’s still a ruthless fuck when he’s gotta be.”Will stared at the other end of the bleachers a while longer before turning back to the field.“Shit, I shouldn’t-a said nothin’,” said Daniel, tapping a fist on the fence a couple times. “I just wanted you. Raat ko dinner karne ke baad ground floor pe jaa raha tha par chachi ne mujhe unke paas rukne ke liye kaha or me waha rukk gaya fir hum unke bedroom me TV. dekhne lage uske baad raat ko baatein karne lage. UskeBaad chachi ne mujhe mere cousin ka night suit pehne ke liye diya par mene kaha ki me underwear pehan kar sota hoon phir vo apni white transparent nighty pehan kar aayi unki red bra dikh rahi thi unhone mujhe aapne bedPar sone ke liye kaha mene hum dono ke bich pillow se divaar bna di.

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