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"Marie froze. Her instincts told her Judith knew about Eric and her."I, err. I don't know what you mean," Marie said nervously."I saw you follow Ryan ...pstairs."Marie made an awful attempt to say she didn't know what Judith was talking about."Forget the coffee. There's a bar across the street. We'll talk over a glass of wine," Judit said.In the bar, they sat in a corner with a glass of wine each."Come on, Marie be honest. Tell me what happened."Marie didn't know what to say, and Judith didn't. ”“Bye Leica.”“Bye Tom.”Well now, that was something! I gulped down what remained of my drink, and walked out into the crisp night air. It felt good, yet somehow dampened my ardor, albeit only temporarily. I knew what hesaid was true, even as he said it. There was nothing to consider, really. It was only a matter of putting it into practice. But would I have the guts?When I arrived home, I realized that my goal of “hooking up” with some guy both did and didn’t happen. I had to admit, he didn’t. I just want to wrap it around my fist and… As we raid the collapsing building part of me thinks, fuck that bomb, just drag her into one of these decaying rooms. I know she’d be up for it, she’d let me know in no uncertain terms by rubbing my hard-on while we detonated WW2 warheads in situ. “It’s ok,” she’d said suggestively stroking her thigh, “danger does it to the best of us. Just make sure you find an appropriate outlet.” Despite her constantly ripping out pages from the rulebook, I’ve so. “Holy smokes!” Becca reacted with utter astonishment in her case.“None of those exist, strictly speaking, but it would be a good name for a cannabis firm, don’t you think? In case we angels ever wanted to do a side business. Mind you, it’s the demons out of work now who need jobs these days. What with Hell closed up and all,” Ariel quipped, much to our surprise, as he returned to his previous state.“Hell’s ... shut down? What about Satan?” Anwyn wondered aloud.“Retired. Dude got tired of it all.

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