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You are the same person naked as you are clothed. Don't worry about disfigurements. Everybody has them, or will have them at some point in their lives... And don't worry about the size of your package or your boobs. We're all adults here, and we know that these things don't matter. I've seen a lot of hard cocks, and I've never seen a hard cock that wasn't beautiful, no matter how large or small it was. Same for tits. It's all good." She handed the microphone back to Steve."Remember, there's. I hoped that I could fold up her panties, leave her place, and never see her again. I was that embarrassed. Gingerly, I bent down and picked up the panties, folded them in half and was about to place them back on the bench when Tricia spoke again. “You see, Sandra, these pig-men don’t even know how to fold a pair of panties. All they know is how to sniff them and jerk off in them. If you want a real man, you’ll have to make him do your laundry and teach him how to fold your clothes properly.. Peter then started to give me a really deep massage on my shoulder blades and upper back muscles. As he moved further down my back with his massage he inched closer to the table until I could feel the heat of his body close to my head. From the position that my head was in, I had a good view of his dick in his shorts. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his bulge and began to get excited again.Peter then moved to the foot of the massage table, he again resumed my massage, but when he did he was now. "We need some help here Tommy" mum said softly, "We can't seem to get into these panties by ourselves."Bloody hell!"Each pair were made of thin black rubber, but with a protuberance of about six inches of solid rubber moulded to the inside of the narrow gusset,"We want to go out like this tonight" mum said as I held the little panties out for her to step into."Are you serious?"She giggled as I held the dildo and positioned it carefully between her dripping wet pussy lips."Yes" she laughed, then.

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