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They had stopped at the Guess Your Age or Weight booth. Deanna had been chubby at the time and looked older because of it. Her parents had told her to...try and she certainly was not going to let the guy guess her weight. So she told him to guess her age. He guessed 14 so she won a prize. It was nothing special, just a plaster of Paris horse painted pink. It was flat on one side and three dimensional on the other, like it was one of a pair of bookends. She always wondered who had won the other. “Speaking of that, we made love while you were snoring last night.”"I know, KC told me. But I appreciate you being honest with me." Wouldn't have it any other way, hon."Jan took a drink of beer, "That's what really got her, you know."“How’s that?”"She told me it was so sweet and loving. That you took your time and didn't just fuck her like a tramp and throw her out like some other men she's known."“Not in my nature to treat women like that. I respect them.”"She just might fall in love with you. "What's all this about Garry?" There's a little bar just down the road run by an English couple, Steve and Marie." They have an adult night once a week." I interrupted and he grinned."Yup, you been in there?" Earlier on tonight," I said, "We were planning on going tomorrow night too." It'll be great if you do" he laughed. "But Shannon wasn't kidding it really does get a little bit kinky later on."The girls returned then and were greeted by two wolf whistles, mum had on her new leather mini. .. he LOVED them. After the first one was done he was so enthusiastic we had to watch another. I got up to put it on and when I turned around he was staring at me. I realized I had bent over to put it in. He was clearly in discomfort and I could see his blanket tented. He saw where I was looking and put his hands over it. I said softly “Michael, are you in pain?”“I'll be okay.” he replied softly. Not really sure what to say I said “It is not healthy to keep yourself in that condition. You are a.

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