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Vladik took over one of the patrol motorcycles and ordered the others to strap the injured man to his back. The cops parked one of the Grand Duke’s...motorcycles in the bushes before returning to the clinic they had passed on the way up. The clinic was open (in Danubia all medical clinics are public and must have at least one staff member on-duty at all times). There was yet more luck for the officers, because a group of surgeons had just finished another operation. The injured cop was safely in. I loved what we did together, and thank you, thank you so much for being the first man in my life, and in me. I know how my sister feels now, thanks to you, Mr. Steve. You will always be my first love.” She kissed me quickly, but urgently, turned and headed straight out the door.I had no need to rush, as I was not going to the office before the car took me to catch my flight, so I ordered a room service breakfast, took a shower and answered the door bell wrapped in my towel; it was the. A new erotic fantasy is born…And that’s it. The reader closes the book, thinks “that was weird” and goes about the rest of their day, probably forgetting about the strange book by the time they get home from the raging dumpster-fire they call a life. But the magic doesn’t just end there; the next time the reader falls asleep they will be thrust into a vivid dreamscape of one of their craziest erotic fantasies come to life.The dreamer will embark upon the kind of worlds you only get to see in. It was going to be west for us, running broad reach as much as possible. Our luck all the way up the Mosquito Coast and into the Yucatan Channel was little better. Our luck remained poor, bagging just a brace of wee coastal craft and a Caravel that was near as barnacle ridden as we were that we had to shot nearly to floating wood pulp before she ran down the flag. Sinking her afterwards was but a mercy for that pile of floating wreckage. I gave the fortunate few survivors the choice of joining.

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