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. . sure, I guess so" I said, blushing now and extremley confused too, and nervous and caught off-gurad by his question to me."Ok, I'll be right there..." he said, with a big smile, as he ran into his house to grab something and then came back out and locked his door.As we walked down the street it was awkward at first, because it was silent and I didn't know what to say to him. I really didn't know how to start a conversation where you are trying to get to know someone, especially someone a lot. " Oh, yeah. But the three-body orbits would be a nightmare. It's got to go."Melanie nodded and glanced at her watch. "Less than a minute until Mars substitution. Do you want a count?" Just the time for go." I closed my eyes and prepared myself, locking the lifeless planet and its two small lifeless moons.Mars' closest approach to Earth had occurred the previous week, on April 14'th. It wasn't a particularly close encounter, over five light-minutes away, almost a hundred million kilometers. At. ”“You have a good long conversation with Beck about ‘Bad Matt’ and then decide if you want to go through that collection,” I warned her. “Talk to Hanna too when she’s back. That’s not a step to be taken lightly.”She nodded and I thought she looked contemplative. God help me, she was considering it. It was Gina that broke the silence though.“So what do you do? Hit people?” she asked.“That is a complicated question,” I admitted. “It depends very much on the person. With some people, they enjoy. " Well, if they continue too long, then we'll worry about it. For now let's get you out of that corset and into a fresh one." Yes, milady."The woman helped Sam out of his corset and got out a new one, this one blue. After Sam got into it, he caught a look at himself in the mirror. "I was right," he thought, "blue is a better color for me."Linda looked through the closet and asked, "Did Mistress issue you a maid's uniform?" No, just that red dress." Then let's go get you one. Follow me." .

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