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For the purposes of this story, lets call them Lexxi and Nikki. As their names indicate, they were lesbians. And that meant two bridesmaids, two bache...orette parties and two strippers. Luckily, I was not a close enough friend to be a bridesmaid. I say luckily, because I think marriage is a total and utter waste of time and money and being part of one would make me a hypocrite. But that did not mean I refused when I was asked to find the strippers for the bachelorette parties. Unfortunately, I. Again and again, she took my full length and each time, easing from her to stroke it firmly. I bit my lip to stop myself from groaning. My head was swimming and my breathing was a sorry series of ragged pants. I looked over to our voyeurs barely able to distinguish their features yet her hand was massaging her boyfriend’s cock through his jeans. The prospect of my climax through their eyes only made my livid body more susceptible to Maja’s attention. Maja was relentless and her hand fed my cock. She wrapped her legs around me and began trying to pull me in deeper.I held back from coming, wanting to climax simultaneously with her, then demanded, "Come, my slut, come for me."Her hand slapped her clit and in seconds she screamed, loud enough to not only make her neighbours aware, but to wake the dead, "Yes, you mother fuckerrrrrrrr."I grunted too, letting my cum spray inside her, as I thought to myself I was indeed a mother fucker, "Here it comes, sluttttttt."I pumped my cum inside her,. " Oh dat's a good idea, I neber taught of dat." she mumbled as she stared at the man's very big cock."You gots the biggest cock I ever seen. I don know if'n I kin take it all." she giggled as she grasped it again.Jim flinched and pushed her hand away "No baby not yet let it get soft." He laughed "You'll be getting all you want of it soon and in the next couple weeks it's going to squirt a gallon of cum juice inside your tight little pussy."The man pulled her down beside him on the bed and held.

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