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I fell in love when I met a white American boy. His beautiful blue eyes, his pretty smile, his perfect body, and his tall frame attracted me to him. I...never met a man like that in my life. I was 18 and he was about 23 years old. I didn’t know much English so it was hard to talk to him. But he knew I wanted him. He lived in a Mexican neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas, and was dating my cousin Maria at the time. My cousin Maria introduced us to each other. His name was Justin and boy was he. She answered the door dressed not at all prepared for dinner. She made no move to invite me in. ‘Hi,’ I said, warily. ‘Goodbye, asshole,’ she seethed, and closed the door. Well, that was different. I knocked again. Twice, three times. The door finally opened. She was clearly crying and angry. ‘What do you want? I want you to go!’ she spat. ‘Connie,’ I stammered, ‘what did I do?’ ‘You told Phil you fucked me Thursday night, that’s what. Lying sack of shit!’ ‘I did no such thing!’ I protested.. I thought that it is true about young lovers. They can stay hard and fuck for hours. Then they both began sucking one of my tits and I could not believe how good they could make me feel. They were sucking and running their tongues over my nipples and I felt my cunt get wet again. They sucked and licked and bit my tits as my pussy dripped with cum. Then he pushed Beth on to her back and pushed my face to her bit tits and told me to nurse. I began sucking and licking on her big globes as he then. Raquel putting a wine glass down and swallowing the sip she’s just taken.“I’ve never told anyone this story before, but it’s probably the most formative moment of my life ... I think it’s the most influential thing I ever saw in my whole life.” She gathers herself for a second. Takes another little sip of wine. Readying herself to expose a big secret.“When I was very young. I got up in the middle of the night and went downstairs looking for my mother and father, and I when I found them – mother.

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