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As if I was the only beauty in all the world. At first I was repulsed, but I began to see that he didn’t see me like all the others; as an object, a...thing to use and discard.He did something I hadn’t dared to even think to do. He sensed my hatred of Robert and began to gently tease me, making fun of Robert. Mockery has real power, it can make the unbearable, bearable. His mockery seemed to eat at Robert’s power over me, his power to make me despair.Robert never noticed. And Robert never noticed. You don’t need to know about all that, now, though. Like I said, you can read about that elsewhere. I guess you do need to know that I am still insanely, madly in love with her. So much so, that I proposed to her in November. Yeah. Love. Marriage. Not the sorts of words you expect to read in this sort of story are they? But, there they are anyway. For ten years I’d never imagined that I’d ever be married again, never thought that anyone could fill the gaping chasm carved in my heart when Katie. She only laughed at this question but never answered. I began to think that there is something fishy and as her hubby is away then she was for sure trying to seduce me. Although I was not sure whether my assumption was totally correct, but still there is always a chance. From that moment I saw a change in bhabhi's attitude towards me. So far I felt that she used to play with me but there was a distance maintained between both of us but from that incident she urged to stay closer to me and also. The only soap available was a very flowery, perfumed soap. I came out of the bathroom in a fresh set of clothes smelling like a flower garden. I put my bags by the front door. Whatever Maria was cooking smelled wonderful. “It’s almost ready. Can you put out plates and silverware?” Maria asked.I went into the kitchen and found the stack of things Maria was referring to. I put everything in place on the small table near the kitchen door. Soon Maria came out and put a casserole dish on the table,.

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