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You’re learning fast. Now, Damien’s not a ‘yes, dear,’ type. Maybe ‘yes, boss’ at work, but it’s clear that you’re both dramatically d...fferent types of men. What I said before is true, papi. I need both of you, both types of men. I need your soft, loving, romantic, vanilla, sometimes okay, maybe a little submissive ... but as I said before, mostly vanilla ... I need that rom-com leading man type. That’s you. You’re Ryan Reynolds or Steve Carell or Adam Sandler or Nicolas Cage. That’s so. I then kissed her earlobes while hugging her from the back.Then I moved my hands and places on Anamika’s hips. She had sexy bums and I was moving my hand all over them. I moved my hand below her skirt and started massaging her hot thighs. All this while I was kissing her neck, her ears, and her back.Anamika was getting hotter. I moved my hand under her skirt and put my hand on her panty and started rubbing her pussy from above the panty. Anamika’s pussy was so wet that her panty had also become. I shakily stood and found myself in a slumped position near the desk. He rose keeping the girl plastered to his crotch. Before attending to me he helped her work up the appropriate rhythm on his cock.“Bend over Ms. Martin.” He said slapping a hand hard on my ass cheek.“Owwwwww FUCK!!”“So you called your ex-boyfriend for phone sex yesterday…”He started.“What???!!!! No…..I OWWwwwwwwwww ……….” I tried to say as he let another heavy slap come down on my bare skin. I wondered how he had known. “Are. They determined that your father had trusted me toallocate the payments to you, but in strict legal terms I never had togive you a cent."I yelled, "What??? You can't do that!!!!!!! That's my inheritance!!!"My Stepmother looked haughty and said, "I most certainly can do that andI did. However, let us not lie to ourselves, you failed all of yourclasses last semester, so the odds of you ever achieving the top yearlypayout of the inheritance conditions was slim to none. But don't getupset over it.

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