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We were big on Monica's lingerie it helped turn her on, she always wore suspenders, stockings and her tiny nylon bikini g-string panties barely able t... conceal her hairy black bush, curly hairs visible on top and the sides of the elastic and with some shear panties you could clearly see thru them, her hairy pubic curls. When ever we met the men and mainly with James, she would be ready and dressed for the occasion before they would arrive to the motel. The panties, as I put it, were for. ” I tell you as I take a firm hold of the whip, which has a handle roughly six inches long and a roughly eleven inch bouquet of ribbons. I bring the whip back, and then down mildly over both your ass cheeks. I notice you tense, but you do not groan in pain as you are struck with the whip. I repeat the action, doing my best to duplicate the level of force used. Again you tense, but not as much as the first time. I repeat the action an additional three times, each time maintaining the level of. I was furious to have missed it but the network insisted that I go to Indonesia to cover the earthquake there instead”.Amanda replies “Well Holly. It wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the one in Singapore. Both Carol Smith and Lorraine King seemed to be resigned to their fates though they did shed some tears when they were sentenced to death. The one thing that has been intriguing everyone is the method of execution that is to be used”.The reporter looks puzzled “I thought the standard method of. Shawna had given in to Stephanie’s assault and was cooperating willingly in letting her disrobe her in whatever fashion she chose. She was hot for the taking. When Stephie shucked off Shawna’s thong she had presence of mind enough to throw it up to me. I was shocked that she could even think that far outside of her lust to give me her partner’s panties. I took them up and brought them to my nose. I filled my olfactory senses with Shawna’s scent. The triangular patch of the thong was soaked as.

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