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”“Yes, Ma’am ... anything.”Disconnect. Dial tone.“How much?”“Five grand?”He wrote out a note.“Sure ... take this to the teller. Plea...ure doing business, Miss Flintkote.”The teller had to go to the vault ... the little one ... the big one is on a timer.“Okay ... it’s beer thirty. I have developed a taste for hoppy malt ... but just one, the vitamins in good beer is good for little Mary...” I patted my belly.Missy said, “I’ll just go home then.”“Wait. Recommendations?”“Do you want a good time,. Barbara and others were telling me how good I waslooking these days, and I felt good about that.One day in the middle of July the outdoor temperature was predicted to beclose to 100 degrees. At breakfast I mentioned to Barbara how hot I wasgoing to be wearing slacks that day."Why don't you wear one of your cool summer dresses?" I have severalsummer frocks that fall just short of the knee. They have full skirts andno sleeves and open necks."You think?" I think" she replied.I went back upstairs. The grungy market street. Pursuit. Only this time it was different. The marketers were inside, the rain keeping them away. She kept looking back at him. He almost lost her down an alleyway. Thunder rang out in the sky, and the flash of lightning revealed her form. She took that convoluted path to the inn, attempting to reach her room. He caught up to her on the stairs, gripping her arm. She stumbled back, bracing herself against the wall. His mouth crushed against hers and after a moment her. "The President of the court looked up from a paper that he had been studying, and addressed me. General Picton stood at least six feet tall, and was wide of shoulder and deep chested, but his voice was quite high pitched, considering that barrel chest of his, and he had that sing song intonation of the Welsh."It don't seem that there was a very good relationship between the officers of the Sixty Ninth?"He glared at me as if I was to blame for this sad state of affairs, but I kept my mouth shut.

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