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Immediately she took a smalltowel from her hand bag and wiped it, cleaned my cock and her pussy too and put upher salwar and sat next to me.I asked �...ENNAA IPPADI OOTHI NANACHUTTA ENNAI” she didn’t reply except hummingin husky voice with shy “IMMMM”I repeated “OOTHU OOTHUNU OOTHITTIYE, OVRAYIDUCHAA” she continued ‘IMMMM”and pressing my thigh by her fist in shyed angryI continued “EPPAVUM IPPADITHAAN NERAYAA OOTHUMA” she lapped on my chestlovingly and answered after my repeated questions “ILLA.. My companies effect economic crisis , my boss protect my job, he is 48 year old man ,4 week befeore he saw my wife in my office and he told me, you ara a luky man you got a beautiful arab hijab wife ,and i am realy like ur wife, iam realy wanna meet ur wife and dinner with her ,ididnt say nothin,because of my situation , he told me these words evey day , I know that boss have some kind of sexual fantasy , didn’t talk about my wife, after 1 week I pland , I know that agust 30th she wanna report. While I was at it, I also started perusing on-line ads for apartments, especially those primarily aimed at students. While I didn't fancy living in a 'student ghetto', I also wanted to watch out for anything that might look too much like a scam.One ad in particular popped up in a couple of different searches, and I finally stopped to read it all the way through. It simply sounded too good to be true, so I very quickly labeled it as some kind of scam, yet it still looked very intriguing, and it. So it’s a lot different!” I joked that I couldn’t get out of bed at the moment anyway, as after our last bit of conversation I had gotten a little bit excited, and I now had a hard-on, and what I had was now a lot bigger. I thought saying that was sure to freak her out, and that she would leave in disbelief at what I said, but it only seemed to make her even more determined to stay. After a short length of time I concluded that she really wasn’t going to go after all, and I really did have to.

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