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...................................................In the now lit up basement, I saw infront of me what my Mistress Chrissy had prepared... A torture ...ack! It looked like a normal long wooden table with leather wrist/ankle restraints at the top and bottom of it and a wheel at the top which, when rotated, tightens and constricts the chain attached to the restraints, causing the stretching out of the victim's body, that victim soon being me! I don't know how I've never noticed her setting that up. In one swift motion I turn the vibrator down to the lowest setting and open the door. The park is flooded with the sounds of the two lesbians screaming in each other's ears. Quickly, I get out and sit on the hood of my car, the head from the engine warming my butt from the cold night. At this point, I am not going to last. I lay back on the hood, bury the massive tool in my ass and put it on full blast again. As if in a trance I feverishly start pumping my cock while pushing in even deeper,. The only thing that was on Dave’s mind was how in hell was he going to get into Anita’s pussy. The whole ride home he could barely stand it, his dick was still hard from her come on in the airport. Now driving back to the house with the top down, the wind blowing her long red hair and her thin tank top revealing her hard nipples, was almost more then he could stand. When they arrived back home Anita showed her Uncle Dave up to the guest room, so he could unpack and settle in. She told him that. Anyway, I started with some stretches, and I noticed that I was getting a lot of looks from the guys. This is pretty usual, and I always like the attention. Anyway, I got an idea. When I am at the gym, I always wear a thin T-shirt and shorts, and of course, underwear. My workout shorts are the athletic type. My idea was to go to the locker room and remove my underwear & Bra. So, I got up and went to the locker room and did just that! Then I checked myself out in the mirror. The only noticeable.

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