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You see, for the first ten years we were married, my wife never, ever fell asleep naturally. Every night, and many other times, she was always passing...out while we made love. And I mean really out! The first few times I worried that she'd had a heart attack, or a stroke, or something. But after a while it became obvious that this was her normal reaction to an overload of orgasms; she had just simply convulsed herself into unconsciousness when her body couldn't take any more. Anyway, after we. She thrust her body over her son's.Rahul was quick to notice her actions. Leaning on the sofa he pulled his mother to his chest. Tamely Shobha let herself be pulled up and as she felt her almost naked breasts crush her son's chest, she took her son's face in her hands and started kissing his lips passionately.This was too much for Rahul to sustain. His rock like pecker started to vibrate. He felt it wanted some solace and as he felt it jerking in his pants he slid his legs between his mother's. This was a byob (bring your own booze ) and it also was bareback party and you can cum inside the women . As the couples started to arrive and we set and talked for awhile drinking and having a good time . You could the women was starting to feel good and it wasn't long before cloths started coming off . Once that happened the sex started guys gabbing girl and going to a bed . The room had one qween and two double beds in it . Women was giving blowjobs and getting there pussy's licked , titts. She now knew what she had to do. ***When Mike walked in the door, he was surprised that she didn’t meet him, as was the norm. He was about to call for her when she heard a sound coming from her room. As he got closer, he could tell that she was moaning, loudly. “Stacey?” He called out from the hallway. When she didn’t answer, he continued to her door, which was partially open. “Stac…”He looked in the door and saw her reflection in her dresser mirror. She was lying on her bed, wearing one of his.

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