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He was in a rhythm now… they both were. She bobbed up and down. His ass muscles tightened and loosened as he tried to drive his cock up through he... big tits and deeper into her mouth.“FUCK…” he let out a groan of pleasure with his hardest thrust so far… “I’m gonna.. awwwwhhhh…”I could hear my wife gagging, yet still holding him deep in her throat as he pulled her head down onto his throbbing shaft. He let his arms hang at his side, and slowly inched back away from her. She leaned forward,. The towel on her head was gone and she had combed out her hair. She looked a lot better than she had a few hours ago. ‘Do you want something to drink?’ she asked as she stepped into the kitchen. ‘Do we have any soda?’ ‘Yeah, just a soda will be fine,’ he answered. She came back into the room and handed him a cold can before sitting back on the couch. After they sat a few moments, she stirred and then pulled her feet up under herself, coiling herself into that corner. ‘That last fight was a. Beside him Sona sat up. “That wasn’t bad.”“I aim to please,” came Floyd’s offhanded reply. With the back of his hand he wiped the sweat from his brow.“Please don’t tell anyone we did this. I’ll get in trouble,” Sona pleaded.Looking over Floyd found the blonde was busy redressing. His eyes lingered on her flat stomach. “I thought getting into trouble was what this was all about.”Sona blushed deeply as she continued to redress. With her hair a matted mess and her clothing wrinkled and creased. I circled the hole with my tongue and licked it all up. Then pushed you onto your back, I prefer that position for oral as it gives me more control. I just licked your shaft for a while and occasionally very softly nipped a strand or two of pubic hair and tugged very very gently, teasing you. I am a prick teaser, and see no insult at all when anyone calls me that! I kneaded your thighs hard and deep with my hands, trailed my fingers softly up and down your thighs and over your pubes. Your cock.

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