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We reached her home, she asked me to stay from a distance and to wait for her signal to come in. she checked her neighborhood, she signaled me to come...in. As soon as I went in I hugged her from the backside very tightly, heyyy idiot wait let me close door,was her reaction. And we closed the door and she took me inside her house and she was explaining me that this is kitchen , bedroom so onnnnn, I was not in a mood to get introduced with her home I went near her and kissed on her lips, this time. They would eat the scout's horse for supper. Any meat left over could be jerked. In her 32 summers of living in these mountains, Morning Mist knew of every good camp site, and she knew of a suitable place near their present location. They could spend the night there and move on in the morning before anybody from the Army showed up to harass them.They had a good supper for a change, with plenty of food for the children and some left to preserve. The women divided the work among themselves, some. He started kissing my neck and reached his hands under my bra. I was getting rather moist and was enjoying the feel of his hot tongue on my neck and chest. Then Jay reached down the front of my pants, under the g-string and started rubbing my clit. Then Jay moaned, "You're bald... and soaking wet," he exclaimed.I looked at him and smiled, 'You are making me wet." Jay moved quicker then. He undid my pants and yanked them down to my knees. Then he pulled on his pants and had them down in record. . I guess so.”“Okay, Jen. Give me your panties.”“What?”“Give me your panties. Can you understand the words?”“Yes, but...”“Jenny, we’re not voting on this. There’s no debate. I asked for your panties. Just skin out of them right now and hand them to me.”We’d talked once on the role of romance in eroticism as opposed to blatant sex, I, arguing for the merit of flat-out-no-coy-games sex as having greater erotic impact. Jenny had taken the Harlequin road to romance ... move in slowly ... kiss a.

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