.. Melly, like you are now," he was approaching something very carefully, "and I'm not gay or anything. But when you're Melly like now, do you ever wo...der what...?" He was so flush he was scarlet. I could feel where this was going, and was astonished that he had gone out on such a limb. I wasn't romantically interested in him, but Mike was the only friend I had at this point. And I didn't realize until tonight how badly I needed one. I was not going to leave him alone on that limb. "Did I ever. "The stayed huddled together on the bed until Mandy's stomach growled, much to her embarrassment. When asked, she admitted that she had not eaten since breakfast."You know that Jenni isn't the only one who needs to eat," Greg said in a gentle reminder.Traci volunteered to order pizza as her treat. The other two readily agreed with that choice so while Traci called in the order, Greg held the baby and Mandy went in and washed her face.They ate in the living room and after disposing of the boxes,. I’m not sure what he wants, but I turn my head slightly and our lips meet. We kiss ever so gently. He pulls back and then comes in for another and this time it is with a little force and some passion. Our tongues meet and we are engaged in deep wet kisses. He was still stroking my cock and I felt like I was going to cum so I pulled away and moved his hand. I said not yet, too soon. He sat back and I still had ahold of his cock. I looked down and could see the pre-cum on his tip. I turned around. I went over to the birthday boy and wished him happy birthday and went to give him a kiss on the cheek and he put his arms round me for a hug, and he had a quick feel of my bum too. I pulled away and told him he was cheeky and gave a smile. Then he asked if I was the stripper. I tried to laugh it of and told him I knew his dad. I went to the bar and got a G&T and a couple of his friends came over to talk. At first apologising for his stripper comment.I said it was ok and quite a compliment.

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