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" Your sister was an entirely different matter. And, as she and I are in agreement on most issues, her personality is less abrasive. You, on the other...hand, persist in being obstinate, tactless, obsessive, utterly driven to have your own way in anything we can actually convince you to do - and a completely intolerable wretch when we have forced you to do things against your will."I didn't comment. Saying 'take's one to know one' would be childish. True, but childish."In short, you couldn't be. I'll bet most college students aren't sure as to what they want to be when they grow up."Rachel squeezed my hand. "As though you're going to grow up soon!" WOWCOW or Gelato Blue?" I asked."Gelato Blue. I love their sour cherry."I ordered macadamia and we sat upstairs for a while. When they closed at eleven, we strolled home. Henry was gone; Sarah had put the bed linen in the washer; and she was reading."This is definitely lava," Henry said, holding a flattish object in his hand. "I forget what. Most of the employees just wear t-shirts and jeans. One of the girls (Megan) normally wears shorts and very tight shirts. Last week I started going in during my shift to get sodas (they said I could get them free for watching after the store). I noticed Megan was wearing some loose fitting gym style shorts and a very low cut t-shirt. She was showing some serious cleavage and I just couldn’t help but stare. I went over to the registers where she was working.“Do you have a first aid kit? I. The clock that hung behind him ticked at an unsettling pace, violating the silence of the early morning. Each tick pinged against his brain, which was currently fragile with ache.If someone were to observe Jasper at that moment, with his slouched stature and catatonic gaze, one would think him to be brain dead. However, this was far from true. In his head, Jasper was checking off each thing needed for the day. He did so meticulously and thoroughly, for today was the most important day of his.

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