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That's how come I thought of this for tonight." What I want to do is to tie your hands to the posts at the head of the bed. I won't stretch them out, ...ust tie them enough that you can't touch yourself or me. If you don't feel one hundred percent comfortable doing this, then don't." I promise you that I won't do anything that will hurt you in any way at all. If you decide you don't like it after we start, just say the word, and I'll let you loose. Anyhow, the loops around your wrists won't be. "She sat on the desk."Now clean your mess out of me." I-" Alan, you've had some fun tonight, but, frankly, it was prettydisappointing. Now, entertain me."He hesitated, but leaned into her pussy, tasting his own cum andaccepting it as she became excited and genuinely wet, her juices pouringinto his mouth as she began to cry out, her small fists pounding on hisback, telling him to: "Do it. Do it."She panted and moaned and he found himself getting messy again."You naughty girl," she kept. I sucked in her clit and worked it with my lips and tongue.She put her fingers into my hair and began to pull; I knew it was only a matter of moments. I went back to rubbing my clit and as I felt myself ready to climax I also felt Charlene pulling my hair so hard I thought she was going to pull it out. I began to climax and I knew that as her body shook we both were in sink with each other. We both shook, I mean both of our bodies shook hard as we both kept climaxing. I kept working her clit as. .."Jennie, who was sitting beside Tina on the couch, quickly moved over so Margaret could sit by the young woman. "What you did," Margaret spoke as she sat close and took Tina's hand, "was to be drugged and raped. Do you want to try and prosecute him for it?"Tina, a shocked look on her face, whispered, "Nooo. I don't want anyone to know what I ... what I let him do to me, drugged or not. I look like a wanton slut on that video. I just want this to be over."Margaret took Tina's hand and squeezed.

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