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.Muh se vo aaaaaaahhhhhhh uyuuuuhhhhh aaaahahaha kiye ja rahi thi me bi use chodne kamaja le raha tha kadhi hoth pe kiss karta to kabhi gale pe mene b...a bi nikal di ur ball chus ne laga.Vo chuday me pagal ho rahi thi.Vo jor jor se upper niche ho rahi thi or niche se puch puch ke avaj a rahi thi sath me uski gad me re jandh se takrane ki vajahe se patt patt avaj rahi thi.Pure garme puch puch or patt patt ke sath geeta ke ki aaaauuuuuhhhh uuuuuaaahhhh ki avaje guj rahi thi.Ase hi chutay chalti. I sigh and take a bite of the rabbit. She pushes the meat even closer, urging me to keep eating. I eat the whole thing. I have no appetite and the rabbit is tasteless in my mouth. The next morning I wake up and immediately feel sick to my stomach. I look around at my sleeping cave mates and silently step over them, bile rising in my throat. I run out into the night and dash to the closest patch of bushes I can find. Just as I reach behind the bushes, I throw up. My stomach clenches and after. ‘Well, open it up,’ he urged. She opened the paper, tentatively. What she found made her turn beet red. Wrapped up in the tissue paper, were several pair of panties. Tiny panties, of all colors. Some of them had a big gap where the crotch was located, and some were throngs. All were lacy concoctions that Emily would never have had the nerve to purchase herself. ‘You needed these didn’t you?’ ‘Well, yes, but…. I couldn’t possibly wear these things.’ ‘Why not? They would suit you.’ ‘But none of. Felix. Whoever it was on the other side of the door, he would make them go away. He would keep her safe. He’d promised. Then her eyes flew wide, and she began to grope frantically for the fragments of her discarded clothing. There was someone at the door. She was naked, and there was someone at the door. If any of the sailors besides Felix were to see her body, were to discover the truth that she was in fact a woman instead of the young boy she portrayed, the previous abuse she’d been.

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