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Pamela swatted it away and Tom did it again.A second time Pamela slapped the hand away, and this time she turned to him and muttered something in his ...ar. Stan saw Tom smirk.Stan seethed. He didn't really know why, even, but he could feel his hackles rising.They got their drinks. Stan and Anne stood against the wall, sipping. Anne was chatting to Belinda, standing next to her, while Stan, on her other side, watched everyone.Pamela had moved away from Tom, looking annoyed. Denise obviously. Finally it was time and I drove to our neighborhood and parked a few blocks away, then walked to our house. I cut through the yards of the houses behind us, avoiding the front of the house, knowing our next-door neighbor, affectionately known as "The Neighborhood Watch" would already be following events at our house, with a strange car in our driveway during the middle of the day.It was about ten after One when I got to the basement window. If they weren't in the basement, this was going to. I close my eyes then feel the warmth of his breath on my neck,“Open your eyes and pay attention.”Quickly opening my eyes his fingers move faster, almost as if with a yearning of their own. My pleasure is building, I lean forward onto the table and hold his arm. I look at the bridesmaid, but I realize I’m not hearing what she’s saying. My body tensing and his fingers move faster. Just as my eyes begin to close and I feel myself about to release, his fingers are gone and he’s standing. The mic in. Gotta gig myself, but I like, you know, like to get off before I go on stage. And after too, for that matter,” and he gave another little laugh. “And on stage whenever possible.” This one gave him the giggles. I don’t know how high he was already, but I kept very quiet so he could concentrate on his driving.“Do this often?” he asked, as we drove out into the countryside?“No. No, I don’t,” I answered.“Sweet. Got a name?”“Kyle.”“Real?”“Yes.” It wasn’t. He, I’m sure, knew that. He also knew, I was.

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