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.......?I smeared some of the diaper ointment on my index finger, held her bum cheeks spread open and gently began to apply the soothing paste to her ...orn spincter. She winced and I apologized, then began again, even gentler this time."Make sure you cover it all, then put some more ointment up inside me. You can use two fingers at the same time, like you asked me to last time only I didn't want to, if you like," she said."You just want me to get you off again, Bad Little Girl," I laughed."No.. “Show me that you deserve to get to cum.”I pulled his bulging cock from his pants, trying to fit the whole thing in my mouth. I was licking and slurping as I sucked it ferociously. He waded up my long dark hair in his strong hand and began thrusting into my mouth, choking me with his cock as he hit the back of my throat. “Yeah, you like sucking my cock like a whore, don't you?”I tried to answer, only letting out choked, muffled noises as he continued to fuck my mouth. I could feel the chains. It is just like those queers that gofrom florist to florist to find a good christian one to deny providingflowers to the 'wedding' just to sue. Why can't they just go to the nextflorist down the street."All of the sudden Tubby went from wise man to fool to phillip. Hisfavorite cousin, Fred May lived in Fort Cherry and was gay. Phillip knewhis cousin deserved more respect that what Tubby was showing him. Also,Fred's money was good so if he wanted to use the local florist he shouldbe able to. If. I draw deeply on my cigarette and feel my moistness run from me, my pussy is overactive, my mind is saying I am going to let the milkman see me and I like the excitement that coarsens through me at such a though and my eyes drift to my front door where the empties are lying, ten minutes and it will be done and dusted, that's sex for you and that's the sort of sex women crave, being taken by a stranger and pumped full of his semen, God, what it must have been like before women had the pill to.

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