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Baar baar use hi dekhe ja raha tha usne mujhe notice kar liya tha ki main use hi dekh raha hun lekin wo kuch nahi boli. fir baraat bi chali gayi. Fir ...um sab dulha aur dulhan ko leke ghar Aa rahe the. Jaise hi waha se bahar aaye to sonia ne mujhe ishara kiya aur gadi k pichli side bulaya main chala gaya. Tab usne mujhse kaha ki tune aaj drink kihai kya to mainebi sach bol diya ki thodi si. To usne kaha ki tabhi baar baarmujhe hi ghorte ja rahe the fir wo boli ki ghar chal bua ji ko batati hun. "Fern waited behind the sliding glass door while the naked brunette rubbed the towel across her brother-in-law's slender body. A hot stab of jealousy ripped through her, making the willowy blonde even more determined to give Sarah a rich and satisfying sexual experience. Sarah is much to good for a boor like Gene, Fern thought, her dark eyes focusing on the brunette's tempting ass. I wonder what she sees in him anyway. Sexually stimulated by the sight of Sarah's pale moons, the beautiful. Now… “You did it for a reason.” So I told her. It felt good to tell someone, even if it wasn’t Matthew. “Insecurity. You’re telling me you fucked up the relationship everyone is jealous of because… insecurity?” I nodded. “It sounds really dumb when you say it like that.” “I’ll say it again, Laura. You’re a dumb daft...” “Ok!” That was the moment it all hit me. I’d fucked up the best thing in my life. Tears welled up, blinding me and I could feel the frown cracking my face. Mary’s anger with me. ” She almost pulls Dani towards the close. “Anyway, you can wear one of mine. We aren’t too far apart in size, I think.”We watch Dani take an outfit out of the closet. She undresses to her bra and panties and puts on Cheryl’s outfit. Cheryl gushes “wow, that looks wonderful on you. You’re so sexy!” “Thanks, Cheryl.” She looks embarrassed by the compliment. Dani checks herself out in the mirror and takes it off. “I want to find something a little shorter.” She gets another outfit from the closet.

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