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“Well? Are you just going to stand there? I get all dressed up for a party and you don’t even come home on time?” Jerry looked his wife over bri...fly. She had on a nice sundress and high-heeled sandals, though he would have preferred something in black, maybe thigh-high boots like what Mistress Domina wore.“I’m sorry! I just forgot. Let me put down my stuff...”“You fucking asshole! I’ll see you later. I’m going to the party. Meet me over there if you want to.” Barbara stormed out of their house. I shuddered at the sight and my cock started toget hard, she sensed I was aroused and stepped towards me, put her armsaround my waist and kissed me on the mouth, it was heaven as she pushedher tongue between my lips. I responded by putting my arms around her andpulling her against me. She broke the kiss and stroked my face, pushingmy hair away from my neck and started kissing me there, I gasped as awave of pleasure went through me. She asked me if I wanted to change intoa creature like her, I. We were quiet for a few more minutes before Tyler said quietly, “I could get someone.”To my immense surprise my heart began to race when he said that. I hadn’t meant that he should find someone. I just meant that the movie we just made would be better if there had been someone holding the camera and moving around to get the best angles.But when I was suddenly presented with the actuality of someone else in the room, watching us and filming us as Tyler photographed me and then we had sex, I knew. I had been working in this office for about six months doing some filing and keeping records nowI'm a crossdresser but most don't know because I keep it on the down low but I don't own any male unerwear only panties so I wear them under my cloths at work, well one day i was bendind over carelessly and I didn't wear a belt and I heard someone behind me so I quickly leaned up and it was my boss grinning smiling at then he walked away, I realized my shirt was up and I was sure he saw my pink thong.

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