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"We need to make this a thing." She said."Who would have thought this would have been a thing a year ago?" Isaid."I wish I knew sooner!" She exclaimed... "So wait, when we were kids, didyou know?" She seemed really interested."Oh yeah for sure." I said. "It was soooo hard to keep it a secret." I can imagine!" She replied. "So like, do you wanna transition or..?" I think about it all the time." I said. "I feel like I would be morelike... complete if I were a woman, you know? It's something I've. O k bollum kire tv dekhbi. O bollo kaj sesh kore asbe. Kaj sesh kore tv dekhte elo. Dujone aste aste kotha hote laglo.Ami : kire kemon lagche kaj korte.Maya : bhaloi, tobe dupure bari fanka thake, somoi katte chai na.Ami : dupure to ami chade tv dekhi, tui chole asish.Maya : nago, dadababu bhoi lage, ke dekhbe tomar ghore tv dekhchi, ki bolbe ke jane.Ami : keo to thake na nicher darja bondho kore asbi, golpo korbo, tv dekhbo.Maya : tumi kichu mone korbe na to, ami kajer meye.Ami : keo toke. After warning me that the neighbors were watching to make sure I didn't have any parties, they left. I was kind of laid up, because during the state semifinals football game, some defensive end on the other team got in a dirty hit. He got a "roughing the passer", but I didn't really care on account of my broken throwing arm. We wound up losing the game after I was lifted and I wasn't able to wrestle with 3 metal pins in my arm, so I didn't have much to do. Kelly was at school for cheerleading. Uncle: Tu jab chali gayi to mai dekha ke ye panty to teri chachi jo pehenti hai us-se badi hai. Ye kaise ho sakta hai? I argued innocently and was dragging in more humiliating situations for me. Me: Chachu, ap ko kaise pata hoga chachi ki undergarments ke bareme? Ap to kharidte nehi ho unke liye. Uncle: Sirf kharidne se hi pata chalta hai? Nita, tu bhi na. Me: Chachu, ap hawa me baat karoge to mai maan loongi kya?Uncle: Nita, mai teri chachi ko roz dekhta hoon early morning nahake toilet se.

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