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This time, for the chance to prove that now that we are together, I refuse to ever separate from you again. From now on, my life is yours, to rule as ...ou please.“You are the head of this family, Ian. Make no mistake of that. I went out of my way to ensure that. Submissive partners, all of us, deep down. People who are strong, even dangerous, normally, but were born to serve a dominant man. Even Kerry was handpicked for her role. None of this is by chance. I, Rebecca Adler, do hereby gladly. We twisted and turned all the while sucking our cocks. I would occasionally turn around and kiss him. He would desperately suck at my tongue and follow it into my mouth. I lay on top of my sweet Dipen, our stiff and throbbing cocks nestled together. I tenderly kissed his eager lips while he responded with vigour. His hands pulled at my hair. I kissed his eyes and nose. I licked his earlobes and he cried in pleasure. I would suck the lips and lick the tongue. Again we would turn around and. There has been and always will be a part of me that loves you. I’ve waited for you, not because I’m expecting to spend the rest of my life with you but because you are the most special person I have in my life. And I want something this important to mean something, I want my first time to be with someone I truly love and I know cares about me as well, and I know that person...is you.” I held my breath, waiting, for him to say something... anything at all. Oh my god, please just say something.. I followed Sofia to the laundry room, where I had never set foot before. I looked at her, and my face lit up in a flaming blush.“What do you want, muchacho?”She’d seen me watching her. She’d tossed me an ambiguous look that had emboldened me.I moved a hand toward her and inadvertently, or at least without premeditation, touched her blouse. I pulled my hand back. She stopped and stared. I made ​​a second attempt. The tips of my fingers landed around her waist, just a little below the navel. I.

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