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First a demon, then a harpy, a fairy queen, and now ... a witch or wizard had come into MY HOME uninvited?! I was pissed.Not so pissed that I was goin... to barrel in, though. A witch might turn me into a newt! (Would I get better?)I carefully stepped into the entryway. I felt claustrophobic all of a sudden, like I had stepped into a closet sized space and there wasn’t actually a large room in front of me, even though I could see it.I then stepped into the lab proper and the claustrophobia. For the second round of kissing, I took my time, making sure I enjoyed each of my friends. Then as Dianne kissed me we swung a bit and she put out her hand to steady us, but it rubbed over my chest. I squeaked in surprise as it felt a bit tender."Ohh, are your titties growing?" asked Dianne.I looked down, I hadn't really noticed them before, one day after another, I missed seeing the slight swelling beneath my nipples."Do show us." chirped in Linda, "You must be proud to have them now."I. Okay, that was a lie but hey, what could I say? "Bullshit motherfucker", she screamed. "She told me that you've been fucking her since you've been on vacation. What's the matter, you don't think you could handle this?" "Oh I can handle you sweetie", I said as I grabbed Maggie by the waist. To my surprise, she tried to knee me in the junk, but I caught her leg and took out her other leg, causing us to tumble onto the floor. We tussled on the floor until I ended on top of her straddling her. I wanted to run to him and jump in his arms, but I couldn’t. I was frozen at my window looking down on him in the street. I couldn’t believe he was actually here on Christmas. He turned around and looked up at the second story window of my apartment. Our eyes met and for a moment we just stood there staring at each other. Then he smiled at me. I smiled back and ran for my door. I ran down the stairs and out into the snow. I didn’t even feel the cold nor did I realize what I was wearing. I ran.

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