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..‭ ‬Why have you been avoiding me‭? ‬Is it because of what happened last week‭? ‬I sure hope you don‭’‬t regret it,”‬ he asked....Sarah looked at her feet,‭ ‬“Um,‭ ‬well not exactly,‭ ‬you‭’‬re my boss now,‭ ‬I can‭’‬t...‭we can‭’‬t...‭”‬ She replied. Her words trailed off as he placed his hand on her leg and tickled his fingertips under the hem of her skirt.‭ ‬A small gasp escaped her lips and she looked up to see him grinning‭ ‬mischievously. ‭“‬If you don‭’‬t want too,‭ ‬you can leave.‭”. So that naturally made her a bit more needy and ended up spending an awful lot of time with us. She stayed with us this Xmas and as I mentioned before we were changing a few things in the flat. We had new flooring installed and also got the bathrooms redecorated, one at the time so we could use the other.That meant that we all had to use our on suite bathroom for at least a week, including the shower. (If you have read any of my previous 2 stories, you know that I like being naked and. There were locker rooms in the building on the first floor next to the ladies and gents toilets that both had changing areas and lockers and showers so they would get changed there before and after they had been jogging and have a shower also. I thought that when they went out at lunchtime i'd try and get a sneak peak in her bag to see if her tights were in the bag as she'd have to take them off before she went jogging. So around lunchtime i popped downstairs and noticed she had left so her. As if reading mythoughts, she said, "Oh pooh! He's just jealous because you have me," asif that was going to make me feel better. As she said that, she fingeredthe key dangling around her neck, tantalizing me without words as to what Ihad to look forward to later. She knew how to tug my strings. That muchwas certain.Then she took my hand and led me down the hall toward Mandy?s bedroom. Sheclosed the door and, for the second time in two days, she pressed me upagainst it. She got right in.

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