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“Just please make sure my mom’s okay!”The guy nodded, but was quickly distracted by the other EMT running up to them. “The guy driving the sem...-truck is fine, and the one in the SUV is deceased. Looks like they must have recently had surgery. Stitches tore and they bled out. Let’s load up one of these two.”“Fuck,” he hissed. “Probably driving while high on their pain medicine.” He then sighed, instructing his companions to help with the older woman.In the meantime, the first one knelt down and. "Yeah." the woman nodded sympathetically, "you're pretty fucked. You better be a good little bitch for me, or it'll just get worse." FUCK YOU CUNT" Brad exploded angrily into her face. "YOU BETTER CUT ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS BEFORE MY BROTHERS SMACK BHWAAA.."She cut him off with a sharp back-handed slap across the cheek. Brad played contact sports, but he'd never been bitch-slapped before, the sensation was awful. Worse than the worst, bone-breaking rugby tackle he'd ever experienced. It felt. It couldn't be decided if she was safe or not, so, naturally, we MEN had to decide (that was just a joke. I'm not sexist). We kept yelling back and forth, "Safe! Out! Safe! Out!" but as we all know, that didn't solve anything. We were both assigned detention In about a week. Oh well. I thought about the days events as I walked home when something occurred to me. WHY THE HELL would I argue about whether or not Sara was safe? Why would I care?I walked into a kid, interrupting my. " Hey. It's okay, don't cry. What are friends for?" I asked, reaching out to rub her arm.She sniffled a bit. "I just don't have very many friends." What about family?"She looked at me sadly. "Don't joke about that, please? You know."I was confused. Had I missed something? What was I supposed to know? Afraid to ask, I just pulled her close. She melted into my arms and pressed myself tightly against me. I could feel our bodies fuse together, from hip to chest. There was nothing remotely sexual.

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