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When I looked at myself in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised at my appearance and felt quite debauched, like a real porno star. We tossed a coin t... see who would do the face-sitting and Lynne won. I then lay on the bed with my arms outstretched, as she wanted, while she stroked my breasts and suckled my nipples to help relax me and get me in the right mood. She ran her hand down my belly and into my rather sparse bush. After that she very gently and sweetly fingered my pussy and stroking my. I climbed on top of her and looked into her eyes. They looked wild and restrained. I grasped her breasts and massaged them."Harder," she whispered. "You can do better than that."I gripped them and my cock robbed slightly against her loose fitting bottom. My damp cock pulled her bottom with it as it went along. I leaned down and sucked on her nipple. Both her nipples grew and her legs ached along my back. I bit gently and she moaned. Her back arched and she pressed her breast up against my face.. “Right, I’ll get tea on” she said turning to face me “I’ll shout when it’s ready”Grace and Ashleigh slipped out, I followed them and we went to my room“FUCK your mom’s hot” Ashleigh said, flopping on my bed“She’s a real MILF” Grace purred “I would love to lick that pussy”“So would I” I said “Seeing her tits in that shirt made me so hard”“We saw, when you shoved it in her crack” Ashleigh replied, groping Grace’s tits“I need to see her tits”“KIDS TEA’S READY!” Mom shoutedWe went downstairs; Mom. I wanted crazy. while he's fucking me, i look back at him. "is that all?" i moaned. he laughed.. "shit, the look on your face is saying this is enough." i smile, and push my hips back.. returning his thrusts. "oh fuck.. you want it hard ah? you want me to fucking go crazy huh?" i could only moan. he pulls out, flips me onto my back and had my right leg on his shoulder, and my left between his legs. "damn you're flexible as fuck.. i like that. goddamn... you ready?" he breathes. i nod.. moaning.

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