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I was really getting turned on and started to masturbate furiously in the shower, pulling myself off while cupping my balls with the other hand. It wa...n’t long before I shot a decent load all over the back wall of the shower recess, the thick globs of cum dribbling down the wall where it was swept into the drain below by the flowing shower. I used the soap to rinse myself getting rid of the sticky aftermath of a shower wank. Then I dried off and walked back out to the hotel room naked where I. Mai andar gaya ar mobile chala raha tha ki tabhi meri chachi ki padosi vahan aayi mujhe dekhkar vo thodi shock thi fir meri chaachi aayi ar vo dono baat kar rae thi mai aunty ko dekh raha tha .Kya figure tha boobs ka size kar unki choot mera to ekdum se lund uth gaya mai bahut hi horny feel kar ra tha mujhe us aunty ko chodna tha ar achi baat ye thi ki unka pati buisnessman tha ar vo mahine me 2-4 din hi ghar par aata tha to aunty sex k liye bahut tadapti thi maine apni chaachi ke sath unhe sex. I didn't have any time to get dressed. Oh, yeah, I was naked. Ms K had a rule while she was staying with me. Unless she specifically told me what to wear, I was to wear nothing. And I'm totally a good girl and not a brat at all, so I listened. Yes, I listened. I was naked for like 3 days straight.They came into my room and Ms K walked over to my bed and pulled the covers away from me, exposing my naked body to her AND A GIRL FROM MY SCHOOL!Her name was Natalie, and she's actually a year behind. This left my little fingers hidden from view. I wiggled them down a little more toward her muff. This is a first for me and her. I just left them like that for quite some time. I think she saw his eyes watching her tits a while back but the wine told her it was OK and kept it to herself. Only moving the small fingers, but feeling a little moist.She is smiling a lot and looks over her shoulder with the glassy eyes I know so well. I wiggle my fingers and she smiles. more little wiggles and more.

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