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She would cum hard & fast & for a long time & I take the screams & the sweet release of her orgasm into my mouth like a screaming soul released from t...e pits of the Earth. I would go wild with wanting to fuck her & to be inside of her, but I wait! & my mouth slowly works it's way down to her pussy, she would say that she can't take more, but I gentle lick & kiss her swollen cunt, teasing it back into wanting more & more, & my mouth takes her 'pussy into the whole of my mouth, so that none of. This seems quieter than what you guys used to do”.Despite the embarrassment, I had a bower and I made no attempt to cover it. She kept staring at it and my bigger than average dick seemed to fascinate her. she could not help looking at it very few seconds and I knew she wanted me to make a move. I am quite stupid when it comes to making a move and I lingered on despite the obvious clues (both from Ramya and Riya). The trigger came when Riya confessed that she used to rub herself watching us. But, as we knew it would, our time finally came, just not the way we expected.We were headed toward home. This night had been the almost boring routine of stopping petty robberies in service stations and convenience stores, so we were looking forward to a little time in the swimming pool before bed. Yes, we still went to bed even though it was not necessary, it just was an ingrained habit. Gecko was looking out her window when she gasped in surprise and exclaimed, "My God! Did any of you guys. To avoid the taste, I took the shaft down my throat. After having somuch sex with Matt lately, Barry's cock was easy to take.I was really fucking Barry with my mouth and throat. I was really goingcrazy on him, like I had never done before. I just wanted this to beover.The whole time Barry had been saying nasty dirt things to me, calling mehis bitch and a whore. When he stopped and his body started to stiffen,I knew he was close. I tried to pull away. I wanted him to shoot hisload on his.

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