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I know I deserve it.”“Then we will begin.” as she spoke Kali raised her hand and let it hang in the air for a moment, savouring the moment of su...pense, then she brought it down hard across the cheek of her lovers behind. The sound of the slap filled the room and Claire gasped softly. Kali did not pause, her next slap struck the other cheek and she felt the girl flex a little. She continued the pattern, striking one cheek and then the other, hard slaps that filled the room with sound. She felt. It was one of my many passions. I hadn't met any of the neighbors yet, but was looking forward to making new friends. I didn't know how close then, but I was going to find out soon.The day after I had finished unpacking I decided to start in my yard. I had picked up tons of flowers and gardening soil and got ready to make the place my own. It was ridiculously hot outside, so I decided to just wear my bright red and white polka dotted bikini. Figuring it was midday and most everyone would be at. Helene was a very attractive forty-something, but hard as nails and a tough defense attorney who made it clear to the FBI that I had already provided a statement and all my records and unless they were going to charge me, to stop the harassment. I liked her. I also liked the fact she never asked me about my relationship with her employee, Sarah.I knew Helene's ex, Michael Connors. He was a client. I had won the contract when his PI firm upgraded all their systems, plus their maintenance. Within seconds I was cumming, pinching on my nipples and flicking my clit. Pleasure washed over me like waves as my whole body shook, I threw my head back offering my swollen breasts to the moon. I kept my palm pressed gently against my wet vagina as I calmed down from my orgasm, breathing heavily. I brought my fingers to my mouth licking them slowly savoring the taste of my vaginal juices as I mentally thanked the moon for watching me. My thoughts and licking was interrupted by a low guttural.

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