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” She grinned.“I’ll take it in my office.” I grinned and moved rapidly to my new office. I walked in to the phone ringing. “This is Even Jon...s. May I help you.”Morgan’s voice sounded sultry over the phone. “Hi, Evan. I hope you’re doing well this morning.”“It’s been good so far. I’m going through some issues with the plant personnel. It’s improving already. What may I do for you?”“I have news, Evan. The offer was presented this morning and it was countered but only for two thousand more.”I. .. I mean... o.k. my date ditched on me, too."Of course, I never had a date, I wasn't even sure if I was going to go to this thing. "Except, I don't have a tux rented, yet." Oh, don't worry about that, my little brother had to buy one for a wedding he went to last year. He's about the same size as you, my mother should be able to fix it if it's not." That's great, so I'll need directions to your house and when do you want me to pick you up?" I was really trying to hide how very excited I really. I would dress them in pretty clothes, and cut their hair. I was never a good hairdresser though, and they ended up practically bald. My fantasy is to be a human Barbie for you, though, please leave my hair as I like it! :o) It’s Christmas morning. I’m still wrapped and boxed, untouched. As yet unspoiled. A virgin life size Barbie. Unwrap me, and use me for your pleasure. With anticipation, you rip open the box. I cannot speak to tell. “I kind of figured you’d be into girls,” Angus replied.“Nah, the ones here are all man-catchers as all you guys have warned me. Don’t need to be saddled with a woman at my age. Of course, a horny guy like me needs some release and if the women are too dangerous, well, a man’s got to make a plan,” Bucky concluded.We all began to laugh. After a short while, Bucky again took up the reins, “Never seen a play-pit before and sure would appreciate a demonstration on how it works.”Still laughing, Angus.

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