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All for Gerry - he’s astounded. In the formal secret ballot vote he’s elected unanimously. With everything else he’s now responsible for the man...gement of the clan’s financial resources. The total value of the clan assets isn’t known because of the unknown value of the diamonds in the ground as the full extent of the mine isn’t known beyond the term ‘huge deposits.’ The worth of the known valued clan assets is about three and a half times that of Gerry’s personal business empire to make the. When Jack finally reached the small tropical island, he found Blackbeard wasn’t far behind. As he landed his skiff onto the shore he looked back to the horizon to see Blackbeard’s ship cresting it. ‘Come on ye old sea dog,’ he muttered to himself. ‘Come get what’s coming to ye.’ He grabbed a small pack containing digging tools and a weathered looking map of the small island and headed from the jungle. The jungle air was fierce but manageable. The directions on the map were fairly easy to follow. Well I have been reading sex stories for last couple of months and they have encouraged me to share a little story of my own. Well I am a new person here so if you like my work or not please write to me on First I would like to explain the lady in the story, she is like an apple nobody can dislike her.She had a figure of 34-30-36, fair in color and liked to wear salwar-kurti. This all happened when I was home from my hostel for some holidays and she was also there. She is a close relative to my. I asked her the same.She said ‘vaishu’s dad also likes my ass and he used to fuck me lot so it became wide’I continued banging her ass while mauling her boobs.Seeing her mom ass fucked,vaishu became hot again and came near.Both mom and daughter started kissing again and now mom started licking vaishu.I started calling ‘sarada u r my bitch..U r a cock hungry whore’ for which she replied ‘yes i m your whore,fuck me as much as u want.’she came twice.This continued for 10 more min and i could not.

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