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Got busy with my life and couldn’t take out much time to write about my experiences.But since I have a lot of time on my hands, thanks to this lockd...wn (don’t we all?), I am penning down my latest story that happened this Saturday night.About me, my name is Vipul, and I live in Chandigarh. 28 years of age, a regular body, a decently good 6-7 inch dick, and I know my tricks to satisfy a woman. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s start. So ladies and gentlemen, sanitize your hands with. There was a beautiful red head asking if I needed a lift to a garage I couldn't help stare at her perfect figure in a pair of skin tight leggings and bodysuit that caressed her firm breasts and hips I wasn't going to say no being drenched so I jumped in her car and we slowly drove off.We talked on the way to the garage I told how crap my day was going"You poor thing"she replied as we drove past a garage"I'll take you to get dried off first"pulling up to her house as she got out I glanced at her. It wasn't anything fancy, just friends getting together. Of course Kelly was quick to accept the invitation, but I was just dreading the possibilities. When the evening arrived, Kelly dressed in what I could only be described as revealing. She was wearing a short skirt that barely covered her ass and stocking that did not quite make it to the bottom of her skirt. I asked her if she thought that what she was wearing was a little much. "Come on dear," she laugh. "What you’re not jealous are. When I woke up Iheard talking from the other room, I was wake enough to remember what tookplace yesterday and that I stopped by this guy?s house last night. I made some noise getting up and the man who house this was camein, along with 2 other guys. The guy who fucked me last night told me tobend over he wanted to show his friends what my well used boy pussy lookedlike. I did as he asked and they could see my hole was still stretched anddried cum all around it. I figured the fact that these 3.

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