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The next to go were her memories, tumbling away like leaves from the bed of a pickup on the highway. Her mouth hung open as she continued to stare hel...lessly into the beams. Her will was overwritten with obedience, the place where her memories and personality had been replaced with sexual programming. She was a toy. Her purpose was to be played with by her owner. Any game her owner wanted her to play, she must be prepared to play. As the beams burned this and other things into what had been her. You're not going to let them get away with it are you?Oh, and we can't forget about Raven and this lawsuit nonsense. He better stay away from me." Julie said."Nope, I have a plan. I want to open a bakery, right across the street from the courthouse where The Judge will be handy to deal with anyone who gets rowdy. I called my good friend the Wizard at SRU and he has a deal on some 'special' flour and some other things that will help us settle the score with this bunch. I know who most of these. I also knew that Miss Stephanie could make me suffer a lot, maybe it’s best to comply now, and consider an escape later when I know more about where I am. Opening the bag I found some white hold-ups, a short tartan skirt and a tiny white blouse. There was a hot pink bra and a matching thong along with some black heels. As I laid the uniform out on the desk ready for the morning I couldn’t help but feel excited about wearing it, it was a sissy dream being laid across the table. The excitement. She noticed that the spatula was still in her handand sharply tossed it onto the table, her emotions sending her down aslope. If Zoe wasn't there, holding her, she might have broken downtompletely. Memories blazed through her head, of her birth fatherinsinuating that she'd somehow given herself Duchenne's and had no rightto have it as a girl, her birth mother calling her a struggle. That wasthe word she always used. Leslie was a 'struggle' to her. She thoughtshe'd gotten over this, especially.

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