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We both suspect they’ll close the investigation with no changes. Bruce Grady is fairly confident of that fact; Ned Jenkins agrees.”“I’m glad t... hear that. Back to the other topic, have you talked to Lisa or Alec?”“No, and I have no intention of talking to her in any capacity. I’ll see Alec the same time you do - at the next Lundgren Foundation Board meeting.”“You don’t think Alec is dirty, do you?”“No, but I want to keep a bit of distance.”“That makes sense,” Samantha agreed. “What about. She was standing there in a tiny thong, even smaller than the one she had worn on stage. She took her breasts in her hands and cupped them, pinching the nipples and leaning forward, offering them to me."Do you like my breasts, Amanda? Don't you wish you could be touching them now, doing what my hands are?" You know I do, Lana..." So show me, Amanda... Lay back and show me how much you like my dance... You know, you can take some of your clothes off if you would be more comfortable, baby...". I must have drank five cups of whatever was in the punch bowl. The room was cramped with people having the time of their lives, and bouncing with amazing music. It was dark, but the colorful lights illuminated everything just the way it should be at a party. The night felt so right; I was high on the music and loose from the drinks. I started dancing with a boy considerably taller than I was. He came up behind me and I immediately started rocking my hips against him. He had strong hands, and. ." ...Ah," Nikki says. "Obviously, neither of us are going to judge THAT,heh!" Definitely not," Sarah whispers, gently squeezing her wife's hand. "I-I take it Kayla didn't, you know, respond well, then?" More like I didn't," I chuckle. "Did a runner straight after the kiss,I- I, umm, came back here, Kayla went back to her folks' inSouthampton, we haven't spoken since..." You don't have, you know, feelings for her, then?" Nikki asks,obviously struggling to assimilate what I'm telling her."I do,".

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