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"I know."Emily grinned."His butt is—"Here, she stopped, so I finished her sentence."Firm? Smooth? Sexy?"She laughed."All of the above. Rubbing him t...rned me on."I hitched myself over to a hatch cover and leaned against it. I pulled Emily between my legs and let her nestle in my arms. My hands found their way to her breasts and I dragged my nails across them, skipping her nipples. She purred. I kissed the left side of her neck, then the right. She turned her head as far as she could, and we. I wanted her to know what I could not tell her. I wanted her to hear the words I could not say. I wanted her to understand that I forgave her for not wanting me, for accepting me as the consequence of a mistake made years earlier. I knew all about the consequences of mistakes. I tried to think of something I could say to her that would ease her pain, but anything that would not make it worse would only be like bailing the ocean with a teaspoon. So before she bolted, I said the only thing I. Uhh. Is that an invitation?" If you want it to be."Quickly, before she changed her mind, and ignoring that voice in my head that said I should decline, I jumped out of bed. Irrationally, since I sleep naked, I paused to pull on my shorts, then followed her down the hall to her bedroom, which was dimply lit by a small lamp, and smelled heavenly, of flowers, incense, and her. She unself-consciously pulled off her t-shirt, the only thing she was wearing, then started to lift the covers, thought. She somehow skillfully avoided answering questions about herself, managing to keep the discussion revolving around me. “Hey, I’ve got to go, but I’d love to chat again. I’ll see you around.” She winked at me before turning to leave the room. It took me a moment to realize that I had no way to contact her. All I knew was her first name and that she knew about this coffee place. Disappointment washed over me, but I resigned myself to forgetting about this strange chance encounter. ** That night I.

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