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And, as Lois grew more and more aroused he continued to film her. Lois, who was so arouse she was only vaguely aware of the camera, was caressing hers...lf actively. Her hands slid across her belly and dipped into her groin. While the fingers of one hand explored her oozing quim, the other hand began to twirl her clit. ‘Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!’ she gasped, elated, her hips bucking, driven wild by her pumping, twirling fingers. ‘Goddamn! She’s gonna do it!! She’s really gonna come!’ Dennis thought, his. ”“I still don’t see how that’s going to work out, but if anyone can manage to share a girlfriend, it’s you and your brother. I should probably give the phone to your mother now though. You have an early start tomorrow so you’ll want to get to bed soon. I love you pumpkin, and have a safe trip.”“I love you too, Daddy,” I said, looking at the clock and shaking my head. It wasn’t even nine, but I knew he was probably going to get himself ready for bed. Of course, I could understand why my parents. I moved round to where Vicky head was positioned to get a better look at her licking another woman out and rubbed my cock hard. After about 5 minutes I thought it about time I got some more action and was about to suggest to Vicky we fuck on the floor but Thomas beat me to it. To much surprise to me and Vicky he crouched behind his wife and over Vicky’s face with his cock in hand and guided his cock into his wife’s pussy. He was almost on top of his wife, straddling her as his cock slipped in. પછી અમિતે જાંઘ પર હાથ ફરવતા ફરવતા મારું સ્કર્ટ ધીરે થી ઊંચું કરી નાખ્યું હું ખુબજ ગરમ થઇ ગઈ કેમ કે મારો પહેલો અનુભવ હતો મને પણ અમિત નો એ ફરતો હાથ ગમવા લાગ્યો, પછી અમિતે મારી પાતળી પેન્ટી માં હાથ નાખી દીધો અને હું પાણી પાણી થઇ ગઈઅને અમિતે મને એની બાહોમાં ભરી લીધી, હું પણ એમાં સમાઈ જવા માંગતી જ હતી,પછી અમિત ની એક આંગળી મારી કુવારી ચૂત માં ધીરે ધીરે ઊંડે સુંધી જવા લાગી ને હું તો જાણે સ્વર્ગ માં પહોચી ગઈ ,મને ખુબજ મજા આવવા લાગી હું અમિત ને સપોર્ટ કરવા લાગી,પછી મને અમિતે કાન પર કીસ્સ કરીને કીહ્યું.

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