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Helping AIs in the game with their pregnancy was never something she would have imagined as a quest. Oh fuck, or helping NPCs who didn’t want to be ...regnant (or even worse weren’t sure) with all that. That was really intense emotional stuff to help people through.Her stomach twisted. Or what if the game designers did intend Whore as a class all along? What if this was just their way of roping her in to something so emotionally intense?Well, she hadn’t failed yet. She accepted the settings lock.. It was as if he was savouring the torture of exposing my naked body to his eyes, making me squirm in not only embarrassment but anticipation too. He let go of the sheet and bent down a little, using both hands to caress my feet. Gently taking hold of my ankles he slowly pushed my legs apart. I resisted, trying to keep my knees together, but inexorably my knees eventually had to follow the rest of my legs. He pushed them wide, ensuring that, when he finally drew the rest of the sheet off my. They introduced himself as Zakir (the younger one) and Shabbaz (the elder one) and said to be cousins. With all the last night’s porn images in my head and two hot guys sitting before me I was getting quite turned on. Shabbaz was busy opening the bags and arranging potential selling items which I might like and Zakir was just staring at the process. I found that opportunity to go and sit beside him on the sofa with my coffee. I brushed my body against his and I sensed an erection in my own. And still a girl. That's some good news,” I said. “Well I like to think a guy getting his sister pregnant is good. I mean obviously they love each other, they weren't just in need of having sex. Maybe this will become a thing,” Steve replied. “I kind of doubt that, but who knows,” I said. Then we kissed again and I felt something, as did Steve. “I knew if I felt it long enough I'd feel a kick. It's about time little girl. You know how long I've been waiting for a kick? Forever. You are lucky.

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