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He was 5'10" tall, slim, blonde hair, in school trousers and jacket, and 18 years old. I took his hand and he stood up, I said "Follow me", as he did ... went upstairs, as we went into the master bedroom I sat on the bed and told him to sit next to me.As he sat there he looked suprised. "Our secret OK", "Ohh OK" he replied. With that I unbuttoned his shirt slipped it off his shoulders, leaned forward and licked his nipples, he was sat there looking bewildered, as I moved up to his neck and then. In office only.It happened just few months back when I was send to my new branch in Pune to give support to them. I was total new to that city and I did not get room to stay also, for few days I stayed in hotel alone I was getting bore in hotel so 2nd day only I taught to bring a girl to hotel and have fun but after thinking I taught this is new place y to take risk, so I did not get any girl and spent like that only for one week. In that week I searched a room for myself which is near to my. . she was being a total witchto that Little girl Jilly who's in our grade about an accident she had.I know I saw Carly drop something in her drink when she wasn'tlooking..." So, what did you do?" I might have borrowed some of the experimental potty-b-gone powder fromthe lab..." You didn't?" Addy said, with a smile."Of course, I didn't... I would never do anything like that. I'm Mommy'slittle angel..." she smiled but it faltered. "well I was until Mattycame along." Trust me, you're still the. Phir slowly mami ne apna pyjama utar diya chupke se aur meine dhyan diya toh dekha unhone panty nahi pehna tha.Phir mein unke upar chad gaya aur hamara rajai uth chuka tha maan lo tambo ho.Phir meine dhire se apna lund unki chut mein dhakela aur woh “Sss” jaise gangs of wassepur mein manoj bhajpai ne heroine ko choda tha uss scene mein thik waise hi hone laga.Mein dhire se jhatka marta aur mami “Sss aaah” aur mein unko chup rehne ko bolta phir mein thokta aur woh phir “Aaah sss” karti.Finally.

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