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On the way to his room, he noticed Taylor’s door was almost closed, but not quite. She must be home then, he thought to himself. He started back dow... to his room and then remembered he was going to try to make an effort. So he carefully set the bag down on the floor and made his way to the opposite end of the hall. Chris was just about to push the door open when he heard a strange noise. He looked in the crack and was surprised to see his daughter splayed out on the bed with her cheerleading. I’ve got to take her to the doctor’s office. Do you want to go?”As he slipped back into the kitchen, Shadow answered, “No. I hate doctors.”Harry laughed and said, “I’ll take her there and bring her back. You stay here.”Shadow watched from the window as Harry led Ginger to roach coach. Harry was taking excellent care of Ginger. He frowned as he thought about what might happen when they returned. He wondered if her vision was returning. Once the vehicle disappeared from view, he straightened up. He let her take a seat on a bar stool and stood over her, one hand on the back of the stool and the other on the bar. He licked his lips while staring straight into her eyes. She couldn't help but blush and sip on her drink a little faster."I'm Chris," he said, with a bit of mischievous look in his eyes."Rebecca," she managed to reply, clearly flustered by his overall demeanor. "Mm... You like sex on the beach?" he continued, pulling the stool closer to him."Haha... no, too much sand in all the. There is a lot more but I suspect that that is enough for you to do something about him." It is, Mr Baker. It is indeed. We know friend Reg of old. Much of the prostitution business is done off the premises. They merely pick up their johns there but he has got special facilities for special guests and every now and then we raid the place. Reg is never on the premises on those occasions, denies that he had any direct knowledge or dealings and swears that the girls themselves are responsible for.

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