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The girl sucks and sucks while saliva dribbles down her chin. Father K pushes her head back and forth again and again and again till he cums, spilling...it into the girl's mouth and over some of her face."What are you?" Father K asks." A filthy slut Father." Whose filthy slut?" Yours Father." Bend over."The girl bends over and Father K sits on the chair then pulls the girl's bent over body onto his lap. He lifts the girl's skirt up to her waist and pulls her knickers down to her knees exposing. That means you do exactly as I say or you will be punished. Whatdo you say to that?" What happens if I don't want to?" I suddenly felt a large slap across myface. It really hurt. "That isn't an option!" she screamed. "Now what doyou say?" Ok." Ok what?" she exclaimed."Ok I'll do it," I murmured."OK MISTRESS!!!" she screeched slapping me again."Ok mistress," I said starting cry from the pain."That's good I like the girly tears! I always thought you were a wimp.You'll probably enjoy what I have. “That really lights my lire. Makes my short-hairs stand when your hot mouth sucks on my balls.., Carmelita responded to his eqdest withbut hesitation. She cupped the wrinkled nuts in her hand and lifted them to her kissing, sipping lips. Then slowly, teasingly, her tongue shot out and she began battering his balls with saliva; Her tongue slithered from the loose flesh of his balls down to the crack of his ass making Mark groan in ecstasy A as she ticked at his ass-hole.It was just as. ’ She grabbed a pair of panties and a T-shirt from the rocker, slipped them on and headed to the bathroom. Sitting on the stool, she thought of last night and who the guy in the next room was. She had to have been pretty wasted to bring him back to her place. His long, black, greasy hair was not the usual guy she enjoyed, she like the more clean-cut men. This one reminded her of an old bum from the streets, with her luck he probably was. She finished peeing, got up washed her hands and threw.

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