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I heard the beep of the digital camera as he took the picture. I turned around and assumed the position of one waiting to be frisked by a cop with my ...um pushed out towards him and my face to the wall. Once again, I heard the beep of the camera and could tell that he was getting into this now. He suggested that a good shot would be of me from the back with my hands on the bottom of my skirt as if I was about to pull it up slowly over my hips. I immediately placed both of my hands on my ass and. At her request, Robbie allowed her to sit on his lap, and Kat stretched out beside them on the couch. Within the first twenty minutes, Trey was sound asleep; the day's activities having taken their toll. "Want me to put you to bed, Little One?" "Mm-hmm. Carry me?" "Of course, Munchkin." And Trey was out for the night.When Robbie returned and resumed his seat on the couch, now it was Kat who asked if it would be all right to sit on his lap. "Sure, Beautiful Girl. Come on up here." He had her. Some news I think you'll like. Get showered and dressed and come have breakfast, you'll love what I've got for you," she said and left me wondering just what lay ahead for me.So, I did exactly as she asked and was having my bowl of cereal when she came in and sat down."Okay, kiddo, this is your lucky day." What's up?" I asked her."Sarah," she told me.Sarah was my younger sister, two years younger than Michelle, but two years older than me at eighteen."What about Sarah?" She wants to put. Once again I kissed her with all the passion I could show and we moved slowly over to the bed.She stopped me saying "Don't I get to unwrap my gift?" I then nodded and she began. Removing my suit coat and tie she placed them on the table to join her clothes. Next she unbuttoned my shirt exposing my chest to her. Placing the shirt on the table she leaned over to place a kiss on each of my nipples. I had no idea that male nipples could respond like that but hey did sending a thrill all throughout.

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